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Early Rolex Day-Date from 1961, so called "Marilyn Monroe - John F. Kennedy Day-Date"


36 mm screwed back and crown 18 ct. gold case


Silver with gold indexes and aperture for the date and the day


Rolex cal. 1555


Self-windng with day & date


Perfect original condtion




9.750,00 €


The 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy received for his 45th birthday a ROLEX Day-Date in yellow gold. The watch was given to him by actress Marilyn Monroe with "Jack, with love as always, from Marilyn, May 29th 1962" on the case back! The President was afraid that such a gift could create rumors of an inappropriate relationship between the actress and him, and according to the story he gave the watch to his aide Kenneth O'Donnell with a note instructing him to "get rid of it." In 2005 the watch sold at auction for 120.000,- $.

There is a story behind a vintage watch.
Besides the obvious fact that traveling down the years,
a watch absorbs the energy of time and history, it often has a significant story to tell, based on the purpose it was originally made for.

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