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BREITLING Super Ocean, ref. 2005


42 mm stainless steel screwed back case with a revolving bezel


black with big luminous hands and indexes.


Valjoux 7731


so called "slow moving chronograph"


nice original condition





The Breitling Super Ocean "Slow Moving Chronograph" is one of the most desirable vintage BREITLING ever produced, and are an unbelievably rare find on the market. This example features a different marker layout and an additional complication - a subsidiary seconds register at 9:00, making it even more of a unicorn for collectors and enthusiasts. What makes this such a special piece is the functionality and layout of the chronograph feature: a minutes-only counter with a large, luminous central sweep hand. Because it only counts minutes, it is difficult to know whether or not it is running with just a glance. To solve this problem, the dial features a circular aperture just about the 6:00 position. When the chronograph isn't activated, this circle appears black and blends in with the rest of the dial. When engaged, the window turns white (now a more patinated, creamy white) to indicate to the wearer that the function is operating. When stopped, a smaller dot appears, and when reset it reverts to black. Very, very cool.

There is a story behind a vintage watch.
Besides the obvious fact that traveling down the years,
a watch absorbs the energy of time and history, it often has a significant story to tell, based on the purpose it was originally made for.

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