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ATMOS Jubilée Jaeger LeCoultre limited edition no. 1051/1500


gilt case 24 x 17 x 15,5 cm


white enamel with roman figures


JLC cal. 550









In celebration of 50 jears of ATMOS Jaeger LeCoultre made a limited edition of 1.500 pieces in the style of the first ATMOS made by REUTTER in the late 20' ies. Working: The Atmos clock contains a drum with an U-shaped tube containing mercury and a gas. Due to temperature changes a 'thermic' develops in the drum and causes the axle with the U-shaped tube to oscillate to and fro. Because of the continuous changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure there is a continuous oscillation witch causes the movement to roll permanently, we have a 'Pendule Perpetuele' Signature on the dial 'ATMOS Pendule Perpetuele, Brevets L.J.Reutter' . The invention was the work of the French engineer Jean Leon Reutter. The clock is in a perfect condition. Case and movement authentic, original gilding. Very exclusive in this Art Deco design.

There is a story behind a vintage watch.
Besides the obvious fact that traveling down the years,
a watch absorbs the energy of time and history, it often has a significant story to tell, based on the purpose it was originally made for.

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