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Victor Mayer (* 1 December 1857 in Pforzheim; † 13 October 1946 in Pforzheim) founded the Victor Mayer jewellery manufactory in Pforzheim in 1890. During the Art Nouveau period, the company produced pieces based on designs by well-known jewellery artists such as Georg Kleemann and the Munich Secession artist Anton Krautheimer. In the Art Deco period and during the 1950s, the focus shifted to fine gold and silver jewellery. From the 1970s onwards, jewellery was increasingly produced again. From 1989 to 2009, the company continued Fabergé production, which the Russian court jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé had been forced to give up in 1917. Today's Victor Mayer GmbH & Co. KG is known worldwide for its high-quality jewellery and for preserving historical craftsmanship techniques, such as glass enamel and guilloche.


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Vintage silver hunting bracelet made by Victor Mayer

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    A fine vintage bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver with malachit and hunting motives in chrysophras in the style of silhouette technique made by the FABERGÈ jeweller Victor Mayer.


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