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Offered here today is an exceptionally rare variant of a Lemania British Royal Air Force  Chronograph – the Ref. 818 ‘Double Pusher’. Typically, these chronographs are seen with a single-pusher configuration, a design choice made to minimize the risk of timing errors or inadvertent halting of the chronograph. In the year 1969, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) implemented a significant alteration to its wristwatch chronograph specifications, transitioning from the single-pusher design to double-pushers. This modification allowed the user the convenience of pausing the timing of an event and subsequently resuming the stopwatch function seamlessly. This stands in contrast to the earlier single-pusher chronographs, which could only reset the stopwatch function after pausing the timing.

Encased within a 40mm asymmetrical case which was deliberately designed to protect the crown and the pushers, the matte black dial on this Ref. 818 features applied tritium lume (as indicated by the circled ‘T’ beneath the ‘Lemania’ logo) on each hour marker and the MoD’s broad arrow marker at the 6 o ‘clock.

It is believed that only a mere total of 500 pieces were ever issued to pilots of the Royal Navy within a brief production window of just two years, spanning from 1975 to 1976

Extremely rare military LEMANIA chronograph, ref. 818, from 1975

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    Extremely rare LEMANIA chronograph ref. 818 from the British Royal Air Force (R.A.F) 



    40 mm stainless steel asymmetrical case with screwed back and plexi glass



    matte black dial with nice patina tritium indexes, register for the runnings seconds and the stopp minutes and the so called 'broad arrow' for British property.



    LEMANIA manual winding cal. 872






    original condition