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RIVA Junior boat from 1967




62.500,- €


A RIVA classic with wow effect just a few hours from Munich. An investment that brings a lot of fun and joy. The Junior model was also nicknamed "la bomba dei giovani", a smaller all-rounder with a timeless appearance that was produced a total of 626 times. Production of the little racer was discontinued in 1972. The Junior is famous for its celebrity owner Brigitte Bardot, who used the boat in St. Tropez. This beautiful boat is the ideal companion for Lake Garda and a stable value investment that will bring a smile to your face on every trip/cruise. Thanks to the custom-made sun canopy, the boat offers plenty of shade even when the sun is beating down on the lake. The boat was restored to a perfect condition in a very elaborate and detailed process. Only original parts and accessories were used, and since then the boat has been maintained by the Arcangeli shipyard in Salo, on the western shore of Lake Garda. The Arcangeli shipyard, which specialises in RIVA boats, has cared for the boat since the basic restoration 3 years ago. The boat has a warranty on the engine by the shipyard due to the care of exclusively professionals, which is transferred to the buyer upon sale. The junior has a permanent place at Arcangeli, the place of the boat is sold with boat (included in the price). The waiting list for outside boats at the shipyard is exceptionally long, but as the boat already has a place, this addition is already worth its weight in gold. The annual maintenance is carried out by Arcangeli, the flat rate for the annual costs must be agreed separately with the shipyard, the lifting in and out of the boat is included in the annual flat rate. The Riva Junior can be inspected and test-driven at any time, this requires a prior appointment. A current value appraisal is available.

There is a story behind a vintage watch.
Besides the obvious fact that traveling down the years, a watch absorbs the energy of time and history, it often has a significant story to tell, based on the purpose it was originally made for.

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